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Banding Together In Defence Of Girlhood

Oct 11, 2012 by     6 Comments    Posted under: News

We are all sick and tired of what marketing and media are saying to our girls:

  • Sexualized dolls with huge lips, impossible waistlines and inappropriate clothing.
  • Lack of diversity in the portrayal of body types, skin color and racial features.
  • Girl characters being portrayed as weak, passive, shrinking violets, shallow, dependent, objectified, sexualized …
  • Highly segregated marketing abusing the pink and blue labels to peddle old definitions of gender to our children. Girl equals pink and pink equals mostly products that tell her that her worth comes from her looks.
  • The lack of stories where girls are leaders, are heroes, are scientists, athletes, strong, independent, courageous, adventurous, bold…

How can we be surprised when studies tell us that:

  • there is a significant increase of body hate and eating disorders;
  • that girls continue to stay away from leadership, science, technology, engineering, math, sports;
  • that sexual violence is increasing all over the world.

We have been working on a solution!

Welcome to TowardTheStars, the global marketplace for empowering gifts for girls.

TowardTheStars is not your typical ecommerce website, it a movement comprised of businesses, independent producers, not-for-profits and loving adults that decided to band together in defence of healthy girlhood.

This venue was created with one single purpose: to help reduce all threats to girlhood that crush our girls’ true nature and potential. This tribe of social entrepreneurs focuses on upending gender stereotypes that only make girls obsess about body image, prevent them from taking leadership roles, limit their interests in sciences and math, and cause them to feel self-conscious when playing sports.

Every entrepreneur that joins TowardTheStars agrees to a set of very strict and highly inspirational guidelines of what can be sold in this marketplace, TowardTheStars welcomes products that counter stereotypes, gender neutral items, as well as items that contribute to the health and wellbeing of girls all over the world.

The sellers at TowardTheStars don’t compromise on their values in pursuit of easy profit. TowardTheStars is a safe haven in a world overwhelmed with corporations that constantly stereotype and sexualize girls for easy profit.

TowardTheStars launched on the 11th of October 2012, the international day of the girl and already includes hundreds of shops and products from amazing entrepreneurs that are leading a growing global movement to change the way we think about girlhood:

“This venue does not belong to one single person” says Inês Almeida, the founder of TowardTheStars, “it is a shared space for our community, where we bring together parents, educators, entrepreneurs and activists, anyone can join, anyone can setup a shop, we are united by our commitment to create a better world for all our children”.

Inês is asking for your help and support:

“I don’t know about you but I am tired of fighting big corporations that market horrible products to our kids, I prefer to focus all my energy in recognizing and rewarding the people that are innovating, ideating, creating some major girl power goodness. As we get closer to the festive season, please bookmark this venue for your Christmas shopping and share widely with family and friends”

 Join The Movement!

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  • It’s a brilliant concept. Congratulations on the launch. Beth Owner/Designer/Maker at imogenswardorbe

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  • I like this – but for the opposite reason!

    I am a mother of two small boys (3 1/2 and 18 months) and want to bring them up without thinking of things as ‘girl’ thing or ‘boy’ things. We have dolls (along with associated prams, cots, clothes etc) as well as cars, trains etc.
    I often come up against the ‘pink thing’ with home based play items mostly being pink, I don’t object to them having pink things, but when EVERYTHING related to a certain area of play is pink it gets a bit much (by this I mean we wanted to get kitchen/cleaning type toys awhile ago, but didn’t because everything we saw was pink from the tea sets to the iron, kettle etc etc!).
    Also I don’t want my sons to grow up thinking that if a girl isn’t stick thin then shes not good enough (hopefully my much more rotund figure will counteract that somewhat) so also want dolls etc to be more realistic in size/proportions etc, have less sexualized clothing and to be racially diverse.

    Well done on this – keep up the fight, for the boys as well as for the girls!! :D

    • Helen, I’m here for the same reason. I am the mother of two toddler boys and want them to be able to have whatever interests they liek and understand that girls do too. We recently got our boys a tea set that is primary colors… he got it from his Nan for his Birthday, I think it was online… I was also better able to find thinsg like dolls and doll related things that weren’t all in pink online. It would be nice if we didn’t have to search out these things though, we should be able to go into a regular toy store that doesn’t try to make us feel weird about buying our kids the toys they want and that will help them grow up to be balanced human beings.

    • I’m right there with you! My little boy will be 2 in a couple of months and I let him pick the colors and the toys he likes. Pink was never one of my favorite colors but he loves his pink broom and he loves to use it. But I think his favorite is when it’s time for Mommy (or Daddy) to vacuum; He runs to get his miniature version of our Dirt Devil and vacuums with us. And at the end of it all, he’s still a kid, ramming the walls and. yes, our toes with his vacuum.

      I’ve also saved a bunch of clothes that he’s grown out of because it doesn’t matter if our next one is a boy or a girl, I think a pirate ship or a rocket ship is fun for anyone.

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